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    Find thousands of well-educated UW graduates, or explore the talent from Wisconsin colleges and technical schools.

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    Executive education and professional development programs in business management, as well as in industry.

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    Technology licensing and tenant solutions from WARF, WiSys and Research Park.

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    Learn more about our research centers and areas of expertise, or search our database of faculty for your specific research needs.

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    A wealth of international resources, including language training, international experience and a diverse international community.

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    Start a business, Business Incubation, Local resources, Investor opportunities .

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Promising @UWMadison spinoff takes aim at cancer aiming to flag down lethal cells - helping patients and surgeons http://t.co/Q5ynZimUuB@UW_OCR | Apr 1, 5:58 PM
New organic glass discovery from @UWMadison could mean more durable screens for the consumer electronics industry http://t.co/BCosfEYO8H@UW_OCR | Mar 24, 4:24 PM
Transforming trash into treasure, @UWMadisonCALS has found a commercial application for yogurt waste http://t.co/h9eYNJe7cl@UW_OCR | Mar 9, 3:27 PM


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