UW Innovation in Action

Two UW-Madison faculty collaborate to develop a solar textile

A unique collaboration between a UW-Madison designer and chemist led to a new solar textile. Now the team has interest from companies across many industries. The solar textile has many opportunities of future applications, including clothing, car seats and refugee shelters. Read more about this story featured in the Smithsonian Magazine.

Innovative UW master’s program links science, business and law

Biotech is big, and UW-Madison’s M.S. in Biotechnology program is paving the way for other institutions with its avant-garde curriculum. The program’s cross-disciplinary approach prepares students in a wide variety of fields to be leaders of promising new technologies that are penetrating all sectors of the economy. More.

Collaborative showcases a win-win for business and UW

By tapping into University of Wisconsin—Madison expertise in quick response manufacturing,  Aldevron, a biotechnology company, is bringing their products to market more quickly and improving their profits.