UW Innovation in Action

Innovative UW master’s program links science, business and law

Biotech is big, and UW-Madison’s M.S. in Biotechnology program is paving the way for other institutions with its avant-garde curriculum. The program’s cross-disciplinary approach prepares students in a wide variety of fields to be leaders of promising new technologies that are penetrating all sectors of the economy. More.

The Law & Entrepreneurship Clinic at UW-Madison supports entrepreneurs throughout Wisconsin

The path to a startup in Wisconsin is made easier by the free legal advice from UW-Madison. The clinic couples legal expertise with a fledgling business fostering entrepreneurial success. More.

Growth for “pre-incubator” Internet of Things Lab

The UW-Madison Internet of Things Lab fosters student innovation and is adding more industrial partners. So far four have joined and 35 companies have confirmed interest in joining the lab. Why is the lab seeing such growth? More.