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UW Drug Discovery and Development and Fee-for-Service Capabilities

The University of Wisconsin–Madison’s academic and scientific environment extends its infrastructure and expertise to business and industry. Join other Wisconsin and US clients and find a solution to advance your business needs with contracted development at UW.

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The UW Carbone Cancer Center Drug Discovery Core (DDC) »

  •     Facilitates cancer-related preclinical drug discovery
  •     Integrates high throughput screening, medicinal chemistry, pharmocology.

Small Molecule Screening Facility   |    Cancer Pharmacology Lab   |   Medicinal Chemistry

    Flow Cytometry »

  •         Single cell analysis
  •         Single cell sorting: single cell deposition and bulk sorting of live cells
  •         Comprehensive assay services: sample prep, data acquisition and analysis for immunophenotyping, cell cycle, DNA content, apoptosis, phagocytosis, calcium flux, cytokine and phosphoprotein detection, mitochondrial membrane potential, oxidative burst

 Histology/Pathology »

  •         Microtomy and cryo sectioning; H&E and special stains
  •         IHC protocol development and optimization
  •         Expert “in house” pathology consultation
  •         Histologic staining methods to histopathologic assays
  •         DNA/RNA isolation, quantitative real time RT-PCR analysis
  •         Standardized IHC/IF/ISH through automation
  •         Multispectral imaging system NuanceTM (manual) and VectraTM (automated) imaging

    Formulation and Characterization »

  •         Drug, biologic and excipient physical/chemical characterization (pre-formulation)
  •         Formulation
  •         Analytical method development and validation
  •         Stability testing
  •         Structural elucidation

 Biomanufacturing »

  •         Plasmid DNA Production
  •         Recombinant Protein Production
  •         Cell Therapeutics Production
  •         Viral Vector/Vaccine Production
  •         Aseptic Fill/Finish

  Small Animal Imaging »

  •         Noninvasive, high-resolution in-vivo and ex-vivo
  •          2-D and 3-D image viewing
  •         microCT and micro MRI (anatomical and functional)
  •         microPET and optical imaging (functional)
  •         Intraoperative Real Time Near-Infrared optical imaging (functional)
  •         Imaging of targeted, non-targeted, vascular, and activatable contrast agents

UW Innovation in Action

Accelerator Program helping to speed commercialization of UW Innovations

Great ideas are numerous at UW-Madison, but translate those ideas into products and into the market place needs a special kind of expertise. That is where the WARF Accelerator Program is helping to foster results. Learn more about their approach and the results.

UW Makerspace unleashes limitless student creativity

The 12,000-square-foot space is a maker’s dream; it houses 3D printers, laser cutters, machine tools, virtual and augmented reality hardware, microscopes, soldering irons, bicycle tools and many more instruments and gadgets to assist engineering students in bringing their ideas to life.

Ahead of the curve – exciting new development for flexible electronics

UW-Madison group creates a simple, fast and inexpensive fabrication process that is bound to catch the attention of product developers. Learn why this development is so unique.

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