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BioForward Speaker Series: How UW Research Affects the Biohealth Industry

Thursday, April 6
Madison, WI
UW–Madison continues to be a crucial partner in the economic health of the state and the world class researchers at UW contribute innovations in life sciences and technologies that improve the quality of life in Wisconsin and the world. Ben Miller, UW–Madison Assistant Vice Chancellor for Government & Corporate Affairs, and Crystal Potts, UW–Madison Director of State Relations, will discuss Governor Walker’s recent budget proposal and its impact on both the university and Wisconsin’s biohealth community. Learn how your organization can collaborate with the university and serve as an advocate for the industry and the University of Wisconsin System. More.

Wisconsin Stem Cell Symposium: Engineering Cells and Tissues for Discovery and Therapy

Wednesday, April 19
Fitchburg, WI
This symposium brings together leading researchers investigating human biology and disease with engineered human cells, organoids and tissues. Focus areas include genetic and epigenomic engineering of human cells for modeling and therapeutic purposes and patterning stem-cell derived multicellular constructs into defined architectures, organoids, and tissues for modeling and regenerative medicine applications. Coordinated by the Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine Center, at UW-Madison and the BTC Institute. More.


Entrepreneurial Training Program (ETP)

April 1 application deadline
Apply now and be eligible for a grant to attend these courses combining individual coaching and business plan development to help entrepreneurs develop business skills and attract financing. Available for start-up ventures or business expansion. More.

What Not to Do as an Entrepreneur

Tuesday, April 4
Madison, WI
In this DreamBank event, entrepreneur Kati Whitledge shares some of the things she learned she should not be doing as an entrepreneur. Kati will share insights into what tasks, habits, partnerships, and investments you may want to stay clear of that could ultimately save you time, money and headaches. More.

Keys to Small Business Success

Wednesday, April 19
This UpStart session features a keynote from Madison entrepreneur Jeffrey Patterson (JP) and a moderated panel with Colier McNair of Zion City, Inc.  Eugenia Podesta of Synergy Coworking and  Ashley Robertson of West Label Art. Presented by UpStart in partnership with Heymiss Progress. More.


 Effective Presentation Skills

Thursday, April 6
Experienced professionals or those starting out can all benefit from enhanced presentation skills. This one-day, facilitator-led session will boost your presentation performance giving you the tools and resources you need to motivate teams, win business, and improve results. More.

Quantitative Methods for Process Improvement

Online self-paced via UW–Madison
With this online, self-paced course, you will develop a solid understanding of the basic concepts underlying quantitative analysis and business statistics important to any business problem, and especially so for Six Sigma projects. Gain the knowledge and the tools to dissect complicated business problems and provide quantitative analysis to problems instead of relying on intuition and instincts. More.

Project Leadership Communication

Thursday,  April 20 – Friday, 21
As a project manager, you rarely have formal authority over your team. To be effective in this role, you must know how to lead and deal with conflict through relationship building and effective communication in the workplace. In this course sponsored by the UW Center for Professional and Executive Development, you’ll apply research-based techniques to help manage conflict in a project environment. More.


How to Influence Without Direct Authority

Wednesday, April 5 – April 7
This course will show you how to expand your power and positive influence beyond your formal authority in order to get the job done. In this 3-day workshop sponsored by UW Center for Professional and Executive Development, you will learn to understand the sources of informal power and develop the persuasive skills necessary to lead. More.


The Future of U.S.-Russian Relations

Thursday, March 30
As the Trump administration takes office, it joins with the previous incoming Bush and Obama administrations in promising to improve U.S.-Russian relations. Andrei Kozyrev, the first Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation, will discuss his views on the future prospects of U.S.-Russian relations, and examine some of the deep-rooted issues that contribute to the current political tensions between the two countries. More.

Global Sustainability Trends – Opportunities for Wisconsin Businesses

Tuesday, April 11
Madison, WI
Join MITA for this innovative session on global sustainability with an additional focus on energy efficiency and carbon emission mitigation. Learn from those who are dealing with these issues and have context to add on this vitally important topic that will impact your ability to compete not just domestically, but globally. Learn about the changes in sustainable business practices and the opportunities these hold for your company. More.


Master Your Social Media in 20 Minutes a Day

Tuesday, March 28
Madison, WI
This DreamBank session helps small business owners learn how to spend their limited social media time wisely especially when there is little time or manpower to devote to building a social media presence. Do it in as little as 20 minutes a day.  More.