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Strong UW Startup Presence in Governor’s Business Plan Competition

Five startups that emerged from the UW—Madison vied for the top prize at the Governor’s Business Plan Contest June 7-8 during the 14th annual Wisconsin Entrepreneurs’ Conference in Madison.  Learn more on the UW connection to the entries and the business solution they aim to solve. More.

Spiral of coloful carrots raning from orange to purpole

What is found through the deciphering of the carrots’ genetic code?

A recent public-private project dug deep, into the genome of carrots. And as researchers were able to sequence genomes, their work may also make an impacts on carrots and other crops that could improve health and economic outcomes in other nations. More.

Madison-made electrolyte going big at global battery manufacturer

The idea started more than 12 years ago as a hallway conversation between two UW-Madison researchers. Now, years later, startup Madison-based Silatronix has a Japanese manufacturer taking its work towards full production, an expansion is planned in Madison, and the industry paying close attention to their innovation.  More.

The Law & Entrepreneurship Clinic at UW-Madison supports entrepreneurs throughout Wisconsin

The path to a startup in Wisconsin is made easier by the free legal advice from UW-Madison. The clinic couples legal expertise with a fledgling business fostering entrepreneurial success. More.

Growth for “pre-incubator” Internet of Things Lab

The UW-Madison Internet of Things Lab fosters student innovation and is adding more industrial partners. So far four have joined and 35 companies have confirmed interest in joining the lab. Why is the lab seeing such growth? More.

UW maintains fourth place ranking in research expenditures among U.S. universities

For more than 25 years, UW-Madison has consistently ranked among the top five universities for research expenditures — money secured from all sources, federal, private and state. The university’s research enterprise is a powerful economic engine as well as a knowledge and innovation creator. The benefits are felt throughout the state and the world. More.

Mackie honored at the Wisconsin Early Stage Symposium just as his latest startup shifts toward high gear

Thomas “Rock” Mackie, a scientist, entrepreneur and educator, has been honored with the 2015 Excellence in Entrepreneurial Education award for career-long assistance to students and faculty interested in starting businesses. More.

A UW-Madison student spinoff continues to Fetch rewards

It’s easy to be fans of UW-Madison spinoff Fetch – their focus is on making our lives easier in the grocery store check out. Now fueled by $8.5 million in capital and with 37 full-time employees in Madison they are looking to grow and find new talent. More.

Real Estate Capstone Class Helps Small Towns in Wisconsin

The Wisconsin School of Business helps real estate MBA students apply their classroom knowledge while benefiting communities throughout the state and offering valuable insights on the realities of real estate development. “Main Street Projects” serves the State of Wisconsin while educating students, truly living the spirit of the Wisconsin Idea. More.

UW–Madison to open Federal Statistical Research Data Center

The opening of a new data center at UW–Madison will thrust Wisconsin into the forefront of a revolution in social science research, creating new opportunities for growth and collaboration – including drivers of new business startups, and the effect of state and federal fiscal policy on macroeconomic performance. More.

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